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UFO (Out There series)

UFO (Out There series)

UFO (Out There Series) © Cyanetica 2015 - Sebastiaan de Stigter


A contemporary cyanotype featuring combination of various fringe drawings of UFO technology spacecraft.

The framed cyanotype (30 x 42cm) as shown here is the maiden print (#1/20). It matted and framed in high quality matt anodised aluminum frame. Subsequent prints (#2-20) are unframed and made on-demand with limited control over the blue tone darkness and the amount of variation on the uniformity/texture in the shades of blue.

The Out There series consists of 9 mash-ups of aerospace technical drawings and images. Each is limited to 20 numbered cyanotypes.


UFO (Out There series) Title / Name / Titel
Cyanotype / Cyanotypie / Cyanotype Technique / Technik / Techniek
Limited 20 Pieces - numbered / Limitierter Auflage 20 Stück /- numeriert / Beperkte oplage 20 Stuk - genummerd Type / Type / Type
  • Matted and Framed / Gerahmt in Passepartout / Ingelijst in Passepartout
  • Aquarell paper >240g/m2 / Aquarellpapier >240g/m2 / Aquarell papier >240g/m2
  • New frame / Neue Rahmen / Nieuwe lijst
Finishing / Abfertigung / Afwerking
42 x 60cm (framed) Dimensions / Abmessungen / Afmetingen
Available / Verfügbar / Beschikbaar Status / Status / Status

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